The LX1E Little Martin Electro Acoustic maintains many of the key features that make Martin such great guitars, such as wonderful playability, great neck, solid top and more.  But the Little Martins are obviously smaller, like a 3/4 size guitar, which makes them ideal for smaller players or as a travel guitar for the player that is used to playing a decent instrument.

The Martin affectionately known as the "Little Martin", is a charming travel-sized guitar with all the tone of a good Martin acoustic.

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JACKSON SL-1 Soloist Electric Guitar Rosewood Fretboard Lightning Sky | Reverb

Lightning Jackson Soloist- what an instrument. This is one of the top 4 guitars I would like to own, right up there with Stratocasters, Les Pauls, Gretsch 6190 etc

vintage Fender Jaguar, sonic blue

Fender Jaguar: Qué guitarra!

Perfect for that surf instrumental sound. Unfortunently, this is a bit out of my price range.

LightHouse electric guitar Picture

LightHouse electric guitar detail photos & story by Tony Cochran Guitars for sale

2015 Taylor K24ce Grand Auditorium Cutaway ES2 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar - Really wanting this Taylor guitar right now! It has a bright and focused voice, warm overtones, and a lot of depth. Not the mention island vine fretboard inlay!

Fender Stratocaster '54 > Second Strat ever made courtesy of Fender Museum

One of my Four Dream Stratocasters. The Original Strat. Every guitarist anywhere should crave this. Second Strat ever made, courtesy of Fender Museum.

fender guitar beat up but cool

fender guitar beat up but cool

1963 sonic blue Fender Jaguar, original vintage

For some reason I just love this Fender/ 1963 sonic blue Fender Jaguar, original vintage