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memories :)

The Glo Friends is a television series based on the Glo Friends toyline, originally aired in 1986 as a segment of My Little Pony 'n Friends,

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I wanted to be rainbow bright. Try and tell me that riding a horse over rainbows is not amazing


she ra princess of power, my absolute favorite toys as a kid

neon started in the 1980's. both women and men started wearing bright shiny colors during this era. they also wore a lot of ribbons, frills, lace and sequins. the more the better during this era.

80's Fashion

Dressing up characters and ideas

Reminded today of my favorite childhood Super Hero She-Ra Princess of Power

Paw Paw Bears-I watched them during the 90s ;) Loved them since!

The Paw Paw Bears. They lived in a tribal society, and were protected by their totem pole; a bear, a tortoise, and an eagle, which came to life when they needed them.

Rainbow Brite* Free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriel's The International Papef Doll Society and The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel the huge China travel site by Arielle Gabriel *

Rainbow Brite color page cartoon characters coloring pages, color .

Star Fairies movie dvd

Star Fairies movie dvd

Star Fairies -- Listen for a young Drew Barrymore as Hilary, and Jonathon Winters as the Wishing Well.