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Sensory Alerts! You have to recognize your child's/student's sensory alerts before they can learn to do it. Putting the Sense in This Sensory Stuff: "An absolute must-read for any parent, teacher, or professional working with individuals with sensory issues or autism/Aspergers - which means everyone." From #TempleGrandin Award-winning Aspie and Asperkids book series author, Jennifer O'Toole. http://asperkids.com/putting-the-sense-in-this-sensory-stuff/

You have to recognize your child's/student's sensory alerts before they can learn to do it.

Things that can trigger anxiety or dysregulation in people with autism.

Triggers of behavior disturbances for individuals with autism. Also inconsistent, unpredictable, aggressive behaviour by father will trigger meltdowns and distress.

Sensory Accommodation Suggestions for IEP

printable list of strategies (SDIs) for your IEP meeting (over 500 and counting!)

If you are ever in your IEP meeting and struggle for ideas, here you go. A printable list of up to 500 SDIs, ideas and accommodations for an IEP.

Strategies for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Great for regular ed classroom teachers!

autism facts 2

Autism Facts and Awareness

Parts of the Brain Affected by Autism (graphic). this is not a small change to brain chemistry or merely a chemical variation. Autism is a substantial change in brain formation that offers gifts and challenges.

Components of Autism

CURE FOR AUTISM! The components of autism. Could be helpful even though every child with autism exhibits different characteristics. And they are all incredible people.

Creating a binder for your Child's Special Needs. | Organize 365

Organizing Your Child's Special Needs Binder - Organize 365 -

Organizing special needs binder. (Elder care, child, illnesses, aging, etc) Take to all meetings and doctor appointments. Having information organized and accessible to help get the best care.

Asking an Autistic person not to stim can be more distracting than the stim, itself.

A quick quide to explain stimming behaviors good to add onto an F page when handing out to other teachers as a reference.