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Aoife - a fierce Scottish Warrior Goddess; She was called the Princess of the Isle of Shadow. She was a Celtic queen associated with Scotland.

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Women warriors in folklore Aife is Scathach's rival in war; she becomes the lover of Cuchulainn and gives birth to his son Connla. Wikipedia http://myartblogcollection.blogspot.ca/2015/01/women-warriors-in-folklore.html

Cloughleagh Wood, Kilbride, Ireland by The Irish Image Collection

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Royal Stock by MariaAmanda.deviantart.com

I am a Warrior Princess, born regally amidst War. I will not stop fighting until my death.


NPC Slave serving a Jarl or Nobel house, All Slaves serve an undetermind length of servitude ether to pay off their debt to the house they serve or a punishment for a law broken.

Gabija (Gabieta, Gabeta) is the spirit of the fire in Lithuanian mythology. She is the protector of home and family. Her name is derived from gaubti (to cover, to protect). Gabija could take zoomorphic forms of a cat, stork or rooster, or she could appear as a woman clothed in red.  People would feed Gabija by offering bread and salt.  Fire had to be laid to bed – women would cover charcoal with ashes every evening so that fire would not wander around.

Gabija (pronounced GA-bee-jah) is the Lithuanian Goddess of Fire and the Hearth. With the advent of Christianity, Gabija was identified with St.

Celtic Princess

Brigid: Irish Celtic deity of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions of higher knowledge (wisdom, crafts, excellence in warfare, etc.) Daughter of the Dagda. Consort of Bres.

Blodeuwedd, Welsh (Celtic) - Spring & Owl Goddess of flowers, an aspect of the White Goddess of death and life.a Queen of Swords

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Female assassin or rogue with bow and arror, archer for distance attacks and brown leather armour with embelishment RPG character inspiration

Dame Sylris Valen riding her white steed, Asfaloth, in the Highlands.

To stop the constant flow of attacks by her siblings, she took to fighting her strongest enemy and brother and, after defeating him, wearing his pelt as a warning to those siblings that thought of her as prey.