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Aaaaaaaaaaand there goes my heart again

hp headcanon - fred II and george it's fine, it's not like I needed my heart for anything. *walks off and sobs in a corner*

Angelina Johnson, Fred weasley, George weasley, Harry Potter, hp

Angelina Johnson, Fred weasley, George weasley, Harry Potter, hp<<< well there go’s my heart.

But also you wouldn't know that he wasn't just "misunderstood" he was a coward as much as I love him I can't deny he was a jerk for most of the books and he was a coward

Draco definitely isn't as appreciated as he should be. He's definitely one of my favorite characters, for all this. Not just because Tom Felton portrays him brilliantly in the movies. But read.

Different deaths in Harry potter

Reactions to the various Harry Potter deaths lol I find it funny and true too I felt so sad when mist these ppl died

Support systems

TBH I think I might be a ravenclaw with slytherin qualities now that I really think about it but did anyone hear about Alan Rickman? I am so so sad right now I loved him a lot.<----- I'm a slytherin with ravenclaw and it is so sad

MY FAVE OTP. I'm all for Dramione but this gave me the warm fuzzies. I even found my hand over my heart while I read it.

I thought I was for Ron and Hermione but this makes me think that her and Fred would have been super cute and happy together *ugly crying*

A patronus Eve thinks, is the taste of coffee, throwing darts, or the rush of cold water. It's the smell and feel of leather jackets and memories of travel. It's the thought of what could have been and wakening up in the dark with windows closed. It's kicking Draco in the shins and there's a fox running between her legs. A patronus Eve says to Cassi, is the sound your hair makes trying to brush it. Putting on a trench coat and screaming. It's watching reruns of Jeopardy and dancing to music…

This has to be one the most beautiful Harry Potter posts I've ever seen. LOVE this ❤️ <<< Now I read this, I find the Patronus charm and Amortentia to be oddly similar

Cute <-- "cute?"  my dear, i do not think that word can fully grasp the absolute beauty of this.  It is positively perfect.

this is so beautiful that there should be angels singing in the background whenever ppl read this<<got that handled. Jimin is singing Lie and he is an angel.

T H I S #hogwarts Also, the motherfucking potato house is the best line I've heard in a while

Head canon that Hufflepuff will level the playing field, so to speak. So if you're not playing fair, they won't either because that will make it equal. The best thing I've every read about the Houses

A punch in the face would have hurt less.

George Weasley<<< well thanks for all that pain<<<oh no really its fine I didn't even need my heart <<>> Yeah, just rip it out, that's fine

Because I'm fed up of the other way round. I mean thats so stereotypical like enough and lily def wasn't like that. THIS YOU READ. THIS.

Lily and James as parents. I love this because I could totally see James fretting over Harry and his safety, whereas Lily knows he can take care of himself and wants him to kick wizard ass.