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THE SHADOW in  "THE CAVERNS OF DEATH” Lobby Card art by Francesco Francavilla  Time for another Old Time Radio episode of the Shadow (with legendary Orson Welles providing the voice of Cranston/Shadow).

“The Shadow by Francesco Francavilla ”

The Shadow by Kyle Baker

The Shadow - Kyle Baker

The Shadow by Ryan Sook. Dig it.

infinity-comics: The Shadow - Ryan Sook

Shadow on the Rooftop by XAcerbusX

Just messing around with costume ideas. Concept sketch for an upcoming project. Shadow on the Rooftop

"The Shadow Knows...", by Francesco Francavilla

The Shadow - Francesco Francavilla


RAW & IDW Team for New Art Book Collection

The Shadow # 14 (Cover B) by Tim Bradstreet

Masks #5 #Masks #Dynamite

Masks #5 #Masks #Dynamite

The Shadow Knows... by on @deviantART

The Shadow Knows. by VagabondX on DeviantArt

The Shadow Art by Francesco Francavilla

Comic - The Shadow (Francesco Francavilla Cover)

Sanjulian Shadow painting Comic Art

Shadow painting Comic Art by Sanjulian

The Shadow Digital Drawing


Shadow Vol 5 Regular Stephen Segovia Cover - Midtown Comics

Pulp Cover -The Shadow

twofistedpulp: The Shadow by George Rozen. Annoying fact for people who collect and tag pulp art: George Jerome Rozen had a twin brother named Jerome George Rozen who also painted covers for The Shadow. (via motherpussbucket)

bear1na:  The Shadow by Mike Mayhew

The Shadow - Mike Mayhew

The Shadow

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of evil men? The Shadow knows! Here's my take on the Shadow, a character I've always wanted to tackle based pure. The Shadow

The Shadow by on @deviantART