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Day Favorite Castle - Elsa's Ice Palace from Frozen. This scene is beautiful.all of it, the music, the animation. and her castle.made all of ice!

Elsa would do so well at Hogwarts!

Elsa would do so well at Hogwarts!

Jack x Elsa. Yes. I ship this. And I am very proud of it.<--- oh my lord……… IM NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE XD

Jack x Elsa. I ship this.<--- oh my lord……… IM NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE XD <--- there are a lot of people around the world that ship it (like me) you're not alone!

Day 7: Favorite Castle: Elsa's! And she built it with her two hands.... With a bit if magic ;)

Elsa's ice castle was the prettiest thing. My favorite part was when she was making it and singing. It was beautiful.

L e t • I t • G o>>I saw this back in March and have been looking for it since then and have finally found it!!!

Its time to test my limits and break through no right no wrong no rules for me I'm freeeee Let it Gooo !


Frozen / Disney Art / Princess- OH MY GOODNESS! She even has her little doll that looks like Anna D: >>>> If you notice, in the scene where Elsa moves across the hallway, she takes the Anna doll and Anna keeps the Elsa doll.

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