Aries. SO true or me. The exception is my children.I show them. A LOT!!

This is the damn truth for me as an Sagittarius I have the I don't give a shit attitude but in all truth I actually do.

- Which Zodiac Squad would you fit in? Find out here- More Zodiac Compatibility here

zodiacspot: Which Zodiac Squad would you fit in? Find out here. Especially when a leo and a Gemini kiss each other it can truly be amazing, and the passion could be amazing, if you would put your mind to it.


zodiacspot: Which Zodiac Squad would you fit in? Find out here // I really can go to the Satan Squad as a Libra and have done so on a few people

THIS is why my husband and I always "lose the fight". We are both determined to win! Lol...

Zodiac signs who think they’re always right – Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius.

Angels and Demons

and all this time ive been told I was the Devil. whoops guess you were wrong! I'm a god like person lol

First, pick your star signs. | The Ultimate Love Compatibility Test

The Ultimate Love Compatibility Test

My sister is a Virgo. My brother is a Pisces. My other brother is a Aries. My mom is a Libra. My grandma is a Capricorn. My grandpa is a Gemini. My Zodiac sign is like my mom's. I am a Libra.

Leo, I don't depend on other people alot. But damn, I have a really good picese friend, and I've heard "it's all good, lol" a million times

Mine is so true!<<<Haha mine is pretty accurate too<---lol so true for me I'm an Aires <---- me and my friend are accurate too ♉♓

How the signs show affection

I'm an Aquarius and my best friend is a Scorpio and we both have nicknames for each other<<haha. Nope I'm Aquarius and the only nicknames I've come up with is my friend Fluffy's (long story). I'm more like my moon sign Cancer.