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Queen of Hearts

i decided to do this piece for the 'harley quinn artist battle' which you can find out more about here [link] i am a huge fan of batman the animated ser. harley queen of hearts - contest entry

Joker & Harley Quinn

As you see, this is Cartoon Joker and The Dark Knight Joker. and with a original Harley Quinn. Same Joker, but too different. haha Joker and Joker .and Harley

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Batman Villain Mashups by Gingashi I wish that the first one was a real villain The Joker Riddler. So many feels XD

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That ten minute flash back sequence made the movie, it was just so shocking and you didn't see it coming. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Xx

The Joker and Harley are my favorite villains and i can't help but love this too much

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014b526d1efa73ca010cd45cd35a3ff7--batman-superhero-the-joker.jpg (736×981)