Emily Garfield Art - Patchwork Fields (Cityspace #145)

Patchwork Fields by Emily Garfield

Print Growing Fields Imaginary Cartography por keepcreating

Print - "Growing Fields" - Imaginary Cartography

Growing Fields (Cityspace by Boston artist Emily Garfield.

10x8 Print Portland Oregon watercolor map decor white gray and turquoise. by Summit Ridge, via Etsy.

Print Portland Oregon watercolor map Label neighborhoods of PDX, permanent wall art

maptic:    Print - “Sunrise Fields (Cityspace 151)” - Imaginary Cartography

Emily Garfield's Watercolor Drawings Map Imaginary Places and Examine the Fractal Shapes of Cities - CityLab

Emily Garfield. Boroughs II (Cityspace #132). Ink Wash, Pen, Watercolor. 9" x 12". Garfield draws and paints invented places inspired by her childhood growing up in New York City.  While in college she studied art as well as the brain's cognitive response to art and aesthetics, so another influence on her images is the "fractal similarity that cities share with biological processes such as the patterns of cells and neurons."  She also lets the media properties guide her designs.

Somerville Open Studios May

watercolour - blueprint city maps

Seattle Washington Blueprint City Map watercolor rendered in indigo blue for that blueprint feel signed on front and back Image is Paper

Emily Garfield. Jade Island (Cityspace #173). Watercolor and pen on paper, 5" x 7".

Jade Island (Cityspace 5 x 7 inches, watercolor and pen

drawingdetail:  Watercolor map by Anne E. McGraw of Summit Ridge...

Milan Italy watercolor city map hand painted in seaglass blue-green watercolors Printed with Epson archival inks signed on front and back Multiple sizes available, if you don't see a size listed just ask!

This has always been on my to-do list: to make a city grid map. But to have it in color? ---------- AUTONE - Urban planner who makes his maps look like art pieces

Nigel Peake on the Red List - a database by Delphine de Canecaude…

via Art People Gallery

Bristol Envelope, A small portrait, produced in ink on an original street map of Bristol (UK) – this was later cut and folded to form an envelope, combining the current map works produced by Fairburn and a previous project—postal art. - Ed Fairburn


Idea for drawing wall, but carmarthen version: Saatchi Online Artist: Derek Lerner; Pen and Ink, Drawing "Asvirus derringer

i've always loved watercolors. love the colors here. makes me think of "rivers of living water". John 7:38

i've always loved watercolors. makes me think of "rivers of living water".

Kwame Amuleru's Design Blog: Earthday Posters and Watercolor and Ink pieces that caught my I

Earthday Posters and Watercolor and Ink pieces that caught my I

color weeee-l

Color Wheel (Moses Harris, Moses Harris's chart was the first full-color circle. The 18 colors of his wheel were derived from what he then called the three 'primitive' colors: red, yellow and blue. At the center of the wheel, Harris showed that black

weissesrauschen: untitled by Derek Lerner on Flickr.

untitled by Derek Lerner