The way he looks at michael just....>>> Michael's hair looks like the softest fluffiest poof ball

The way he looks at michael just.>>> Michael's hair looks like the softest fluffiest poof ball/mUKE AF

5SOS are dancing like the true punk rock legends that they are

"Because they have some killer moves up on their sleeves." but Michael is doin the Macarena!

Ashton is like "Come at me bro!"

This is my favorite picture of them. It's like Ashton the "father" of the band, being the oldest, is presenting his and his best friend's masterpiece of music. Oh, what the hell, they ARE the masterpiece.<<when were they all the same height?

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:') <<<< I love how their hair kinda gradually rises! From fringe to quiff! Well, except for Ashton's unquiffable hair

From humble roots to where they are now. Major changes, and Calum's command was followed.

27 Times Melted Fangirls' Hearts At The Billboard Music Awards<< my heart didnt just melt, it EXPLODED.

yep, I love my dorks <3 @Ashton Jenkins Irwin @Calum Paton Hood @Luke Eshleman Hemmings @Michael Dussert Clifford

Dose any one see that like wear the same shirt ?but yet I love my dorks Jenkins Jenkins Irwin Paton Paton Hood Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings Dussert Dussert Clifford

I just luv how when the photos being taken Luke's face is like YAY IM IN A BAND but when it's not his face is like HELP ME.

lil pisces bitch on

Love how there all posing, all happy :) Ashton, Calum and Micheal are like "boom! Aced another photo shoot" (although thats mainly Ashton) and Lukes like "Get that camra out of my face"


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