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For modeling, women are posed submissively or in relaxed ways. They use poses that emphasize delicate manners or thinning, sexualizing angles. This seems to be using the latter; she is not in a relaxed pose and one could interpret her spread legs as unconsciously sexual. Men are posed in powerful positions. They show dominance and strength. They look like they are in action or are about to spring into action.


erin w.: wide leg pants, suspenders and white t

Decadent Creation

Decadent Creation

Supermodel Magdalena Frackowiak takes the cover of MIXT(E) magazine photographed by Emma Tempest with styling from fashion editor Dimphy den Otter.

Moda y África: Un romance de alta costura

I might use some basic clothes aswell (long grey tank top mayby) which might be great contrast with the make up & hair look -let see


suspenders with a white tank top

Caroline Eggert (by Peter Lindbergh 1997)

petrole: portrait report, caroline eggert by peter lindbergh for vogue italia may 1997

Marion Cotillard: Garconne mit Talent und Klasse. Die weiße Hemdbluse darf nicht fehlen.

Marion Cotillard: For her talent, style, class and timeless beauty. My girl crush.

Pretty intense light, but we could do a natural light version in the gym. Maybe bring something lifestyle just incase we have the time? Otherwise, rock this look with a water bottle, some sweat and a steely gaze that says, "Did you even see that set?" :-)

The pose. alexisrenmodel: “Alexis Ren for WeTheUrban Magazine Issue 8 Photographer: Jorden Keith MUA: Nona Mahmoudi Hair: Jessica Cook Stylist: Analyssa Benedict ”

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is an icon and an inspiration for this generation's fashion/style trends.


Anna Jagodzinska as Diane Keaton for Vogue Paris September

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Girls on the block

Tom Boy and houghton girl

xwg:   			 			Jane Birkin in Paris - June 1970

Jane Birkin's basket (her original purse before the Birkin bag)

Well, that one way to keep the boys from kissing you...they don't want a bloody mouth!

Spiked lips Jessie J make-up beauty

Give this man a cookie<<<<two cookies. maybe a freaking duck.<< my video games and pizza are yours<<I would give you my bed but i like it too much so here is 50 dollars

Give this man a cookie

Give this man a cookie<<<<two cookies. maybe a freaking duck. <<<< Two cookies, a freaking duck, and North America

I WANT TO TOUCH HIS HAIR!!!!!! >>TOTALLY!! ME TOOO.... His hair looks exceptionally beautiful here!!!  *feeeelllllssssss*

I WANT TO TOUCH HIS HAIR!!!!!! >>TOTALLY!! ME TOOO.... His hair looks exceptionally beautiful here!!! *feeeelllllssssss*

I'm not saying this to be like 'no dude has the guts haha', I'm generally curious is anyone, make or female, will do it

*no boys comment* but it be nice to hear for once

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude (Explicit) - I just love how this song and video is commodifying masculinity! It is making masculinity appear camp by taking aspects of masculinity and exaggerating them!

Day 5 - A song that's often stuck in my head : Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude (Explicit)