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Doodle of Toothless, the Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon. basically the coolest dragon ever created. I've never drawn anything from this awesomesauce movie before, weirdly enough.

Dragon Art by Sixthleafclover-Leo 2015

2015 Zodiac Dragons - Leo by The-SixthLeafClover on DeviantArt. I'm a Leo so this is pretty cool to see. It's like looking into a mirror with me every Monday morning in the reflection XD

Draghi fantasy

2015 Zodiac Dragons - Aquarius Other Zodiacs posted so far: Cover . Aries ORDER the NEW 2015 Zodiac Dragons Calendar now!

Are you a water lover like a Thunderdrum, or ador the heat like a Monstrous Nightmare? Well, if you take this quiz, your dragon partner will be revealed!


Note that most of these reference sheets have been commissioned, and in those cases, I don& own the character. You may not use the characters for RPs unless you have express permission from the ch.