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I love seeing different artist designs. If you come across this image please tag yourself!

Image of colorful Peacock ☆ | ★ ☆ nail salon Rechercher Minamisenba Osaka  ★ ☆

Image via Young Chic and Social: Gyaru Nails Spam Japanese Nail Art Photos

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9 Best Japanese Nail Art Designs with Images

Japanese nail arts and kits are quite popular in the world. Here are our choices for the 9 crazy japan nail art designs which you can try it.

Tan, jeweled and blinged, Japanese designed nails.

Japanese Nail Art, Press On Nails, False Nails - Little White Flower & rhinestones with nude color polish

Start your day with this fresh and white nail art design. Watercolor flower petals have been painted as washed out to give the clean and soothing effect just like a garden in its first bloom in early spring. You can do this design when celebrating springtime.

65 Japanese Nail Art Designs