Comic Block: EfCE 14 (Crystal Flash Arc II) by on @DeviantArt

EfCE Update: Twilight doesn't find all of this strange. CAUTION: Crystal Flash is a direction I'm taki.


Comment your fave Rarity! Coz Rarity is perfect as she is => either radiance of nightmare rarity.

Motherly Instincts by RoyalRainbow51 on DeviantArt

I expected Applejack handing the foal/colt to Fluttershy actually :)<< you gotta remember that AJ has got a little sister that she raised.

Comic Block: The Proposal by dm29

Comic Block: The Proposal by Shinning armors face is so funny also flash

Next Gen Genderbend (Royals) by hikariviny on DeviantArt

This time with my "Royal" next gen Chaotic - Calamity Amaris - Ashtar Crystal Shield - Brightness Guard Charming Heart - Ki. Next Gen Genderbend (Royals)

EG is coming by on @deviantART

We all know that Pinkie is a mare of many talents. Pinkie`s color should be correct now. Copyright of My little Pony: Frien. Pinkie`s talent

Art by Inspiration came from the number of pony plushies that are usually made-to-order. This is the journey of a Pinkie Pie plushie as she is being sew. Birth of a plushie (commissioned)

2 Lyras in 2 Different Worlds - Handedness by on @deviantART

They are like opposite, but it's all about handedness. First comic strips I have created this year! Bon Bon & Lyra - Hasbro Inc. [My Litt Pony] - Handedness

That is actually adorable and I'm not in the mlp fandom

You're crazy if you think ya can beat me with them stubby lil legs! Lil Mac and his Pa (Johnny Appleseed) having a friendly(or not so friendly) race back home from the orchard fields I simplified J.

My little pony and friends all cuddled up! This pinterest board just got about 20% cooler. Look at them proving that friendship IS magic.  My little ponies and friends: Fantasy Cuddle Cartoon Clients of

Hush little ponies don't say a word.celestias gonna buy you a flaming bird 😂💕