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@lina Black

Anon custom made these for wife. These need to become a thing ASAP.

funny wine bottle labels break down rough day murder on my mind - I feel like this would be the perfect gift for you haha

jared my precious | lotr # lord of the rings # gollum # smeagol

Where did Gollum from Lord of the Rings get his ring? Well, he went to Jared, of course! Gollum: He went to Jared Related art.

Nasa’s drug experiment on spiders ( real results)  Seriously wow at caffeine … what a drug it is … and probably the most abused one…Caffeine and alcohol are the two most abused and destructive drugs that human use socially and they call it ‘’being alive’’… it’s very interesting…

In 1995 a group of NASA scientists studied the effects of various legal & illegal drugs on house spiders, specifically on the way they weave their webs. The spider high on marijuana did an ok job weaving, but then got bored/distracted & didn’t finish.

This literally made me LOL. I feel like this is something you would leave for Eddie @tay_0453

27 Hilariously Underwhelming Guilty Secrets

The never-a-dull-moment 26 Couples Who Have This Whole Relationship Thing Figured Out. thats so cool, I had this idea long ago but it was going to be girls against the boys, 3 on 3 and loser cooks or buys dinner. that would have been awesome!