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Resultado de imagen para Revere beach crowd around 1920

1920 Snow bound car in Boston - notice horse and cart moving in the background.

Today's feature is a return to Scollay Square filled with Automobiles in 1957 at: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=158391

A Return to Scollay Square filled with Automobiles in 1957


Bernard J. Hoppe of the Boston Traffic squad. He made Captain on Thanksgiving, 1920 by Commissioner Curtis.

Louisburg Square. A private square in Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts. Named for the 1745 Battle of Louisbourg, in which Massachusetts militiamen led by William Pepperrell, sacked the French fortress located on the site. The Greek Revival houses around the square reflect the rarefied privilege enjoyed by the 19th century upper class here. Teacher A. Bronson Alcott + his daughter, author Louisa May Alcott, lived here in the 19th Century. (Seen here in the 1930's)

Louisburg Square is a private square that is maintained by the Louisburg Square Proprietors. While the Proprietors pay taxes to the City of Boston, the city does not own the square or its garden.


Street scenes documenting life in Boston in the Beach and Atlantic House hotel, Nantasket The widening of Cambridge Street Baseball crowd at Soldiers

Christmas in Boston, USA in 1875

A horse-drawn sleigh pauses in the foreground of "Snow Scene on the Northeast Corner of the Boston Common” from around 1875 by the celebrated Boston photographer Josiah Johnson Hawes. (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)


Biggest snow blizzard in 22 years causes narrow gauge train to turn turtle at Beachmont. House with barn is 104 Washburn Ave.

1910 Winton Six

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Corey Ave , Braddock,Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania - 1950 snowfall, 25 inches

Weather often affected streetcar operations, as seen here in Corey Ave, Braddock, Pittsburgh, PA. This photo is dated when snowfall reached as high as 25 inches.