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Magnificent Horns

Caribou - Bull Caribou in Denali National Park, Alaska

Moments and Memories

'musts' by George. Père David’s deer (also known as Milu deer or Elaphure)

Wow! Capricorn or old goat? Either way, that's me!

amazing horns : The horns of the male ibex can be over feet meter) long. Both male and female ibex have horns. The male has horns that are longer and heavily ridged, curving upward, backward and then downward.

♥ The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex), also known as the steinbock or bouquetin. ♥

The Iberian Ibex or wild goat (Capra pyrenaica) is one of the species of goats from the genus Capra that exist in Europe.


Relaxing In The Morning Light Of Autumn by John De Bord Photography, via ELK

Mountain Goat,,, Harry hippie. ...sweet

Just met somebody today that had an AMAZING encounter with a Mountain goat! Amazing Wild Animal Pictures & 40 Pics Nature, Animals, Wildlife: The Beauty at one place

Gerenuk by Cindy

The gerenuk, Litocranius walleri, is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry thorn bush scrub and desert in East Africa. The word gerenuk means “giraffe-necked”.

While Delhi 'suffers' from raccoon, possum and skunk issues, guess what crosses the road in my neck of the woods??? the 'moose crossing' sign was flashing tonight in Powassan!

Wading Moose : Cow Moose (Alces alces) - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming : Photography by Nate Zeman