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I love disney movies so much. I'm collecting all the movies so I can make this marathonday with a disney themed party 😍

CHECK x 2 #bucketlist

I love kids so much and I really want to be a mother someday. Hopefully I will be as great a mother as my mom is to me :)


Tie messages to balloons and let them go! We did this for GrandDaddy's birthday, sent messages to Heaven:)

Nouvelle Orléans

write on the before I die wall in New Orleans. Didn't even know this existed.

Hope so. I can never even finish one page! attention span is about as long as a walnut's.

Finish an entire coloring book! I don't care if I'm to old for them I will color in them anyways

I have yet to write in a diary everyday

Start a diary and write in it every day. I tried to do this several times, but ended up giving up after awhile. One day I'll manage to stop being so lazy and start a diary that I'll actually write in at least once a day.

Bucket list

10 Types Of People Who Cheat The MOST, According To Science

evening wine picnic at the eiffel tower. wishing this for for my Paris loving beautiful princess one day. if she finds someone to do this for her when she is all grown up, he might just be close to good enough for her:-)

I can now officially check this off my bucket list !

Before I die I to go on the skydeck in Chicago

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Make my life so adventurous that my biography would be an adventure book!

Taylor Swift READ Campaign: Poster from American Library Association :

Taylor Swift Supports Her Love of Books in READ Campaign: See The Giver Star's Poster

"The world might not be ready for the kind of earnestness and sincerity that comes along with Tom Hiddleston. I am here to tell you that we would be a much happier race of humans if it were."

Tom Hiddleston on Taylor Swift, Heartbreak, and that Tank Top

Tom Hiddleston takes us to London with GQ for the magazine's March 2017 cover story. Hiddleston links up with photographer Nathaniel Goldberg for a sartori