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La verdad

Back to School Teacher Humor from The Pensive Sloth--Without my class list, I'm STUCK!

Se enojo

Se enojo

That's right Scarlett, fuck them ALL!!!

Best resting bitch face EVER

Start today and be ready for summer!

Meet your Posher, Mckenna Hi! I'm Mckenna. Some of my favorite brands are The North Face, Michael Kors, and J. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment so that I can check out your closet too. :) Meet the Posher Other

Starting to sound good to me

Funny Furious Kid Run, Shoes

pink chores, blue chores, humour, who does what chores in your house?

Bad Words

50 Funny Images That Will Make You Laugh Instantly

Lol Um...yup! Do your OWN friggin' work and stop acting like you don't have time to do it! Show up on time to work your full 8!

sad but true.

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I wanna throat punch someone!

So terrible

So terrible

Reminds me of angry grandpa

Pulled grandpa’s finger

My face after I give instructions and someone asks me what to do.

Talk So That Kids Will Listen - Bright Idea!

my reaction when my husband asks where this new cat came from - Baby Good Luck Charlie

More like supervisor that doesn't have a bloody clue about anything that deals with business management or the products we sell .

Least favorite coworker out

Image result for spring break is over meme

Image result for spring break is over meme