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YOCMAGAZINE: La mejor entrevista a Ester López Moro, ex pretendienta de Fede, esta al caer...

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...but profiting from it. Just had an interesting conversation about this last night. (And that's not to say there is never a good reason for it)

The sociopaths like Bush & Obama and all their predecessors regard you as mere pawns in their sick poltical game for power and control. Fuck wars and fuck them!

No.4 The rest cat.

The rest cat.

The Oarfish can grow as long as 56 feet.

More Pics of the Amazing Oarfish.

The Oarfish is a rare, solitary, and giant denizen of the ocean depths (arguably larger than a Whale Shark. (The as opposed to the Whale Shark, in the Guinness Book of World Records.)) and is a filter feeder, comfortable cruising at depths of 200 m.