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the only thing better than a disco ball is a disco ball covered in pink paint!

so many disco balls!

Disco balls reflecting the pink colored architecture. If so-I like how it seems to splice the pink like a prism does with light.

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Put your names in lights! Whether it's your wedding hashtag, your new surname, a sweet nothing or a order to party the night away, you need to say it in neon!

Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin, TX.  Inspiring pics of a beautiful hotel here.... but the rates start at $600/night.

Neon art: Soul sign in the pool area at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas


LETTERING from [Any typography fans out there? Or it's just me 🤗] __ Poster & Vinyl - Jaine Kopala Graphic Design

How to disco dance the EDL off Google and Facebook  The English Disco Lovers are taking the three hated initials and turning them into a musical force for equality and respect – via the magic of search engine optimisation

How to disco dance the EDL off Google and Facebook

Disco has always been a scapegoat for racism and homophobia. English Disco Lovers is turning the tables in favour of equality and respect. Unus Mundus, Una Gens, Una Disco (One World, One Race, One Disco)