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Do you think that he was possessed by the nogitsune? He did lead Stiles is the direction of the basement.


oh look, its the love of my life, Dylan O'Brien aka Stiles from Teen Wolf or Thomas from The Maze Runner.

Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson are adorable #Brylan

Aaawh Dylan I'm sure Britt miss him to when he is gone. And Tyler is the best friend Dylan can ever wish for

Dylan's reaction is adorable!! The answer was YES!! Kaya and Dylan answering questions about each other...(1) Tumblr

The answer was YES! Kaya and Dylan answering questions about each other. Pinning because Dylan looks adorable. Fighting it because I don't like Kaya.

Llevo mi mirada al cuaderno tratando te concentrarme

¡Idiota A La Vista! - capítulo 44.

Likes | Tumblr

Dylan O'Brien dancing on the set of The Internship GIF. Every time that boy dances and moves them hips.

I love Dylan so much

Dylan O´Brien on Live with Kelly and Michael - Video link is on my The Maze Runner board