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A selection of lovely illustrations by Yoko Tanji from Tokyo, Japan. Obviously, the illustrator loves cats.

Your character (boy or girl - pictured) was traveling to an American town in 1910s when their carriage was attacked and they were left in the middle of the road with their luggage. What do they do when they hear someone else approaching? (This is a completely new story, so ask lots of questions! :) And it's okay to use a character from a different time period - just adjust))

Travel Gentleman’s Essentials

Amazing and beautiful book art. Researching into deconstruct/reconstruct methods for final project in first uni degree.

37 Fantastic Ideas How To Decorate Your Home With Books

I love the window and interior displays that Anthropologie whips up around the country! They truly believe in 'More is More' and have fun with it! I tell you, I want to be a 'display girl' for them when I.

The Reader's Path, 2013 © Jeremiah D. MORELLI (Digital Artist, Middle School Teacher. Germany) http://www.morjers-art.de/ Print & imprinted art gifts available at link. PINTEREST on COPYRIGHT: http://pinterest.com/pin/86... Magical: HOW TO FIND an image's original artist & website: http://www.pinterest.com/pi... The Golden Rule http://pinterest.com/pin/86...

The Reader's Path.Jeremiah Morelli aka is a German middle school teacher and digital artist focusing on fantasy-themed illustrations.