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Helen Levitt

History In Pictures ‏- Two little kids dancing on the streets of New York City, c. -Swear, little kids dancing is the best thing I ever see :)


harvestheart: “ ikilledjackjohnson: “Hairdresser’s Hot Dog, by John Drysdale, 1960 ” HH: Family Day at the Salon.

i think coca-cola should stop making ads and just use this forever

*Vintage coke ad Ice cold Coke - this is how I became addicted to Cola. No cafes or Starbucks around, just vending machines where people gathered around and talked while having a cold one.

close up pictures black and white... dirty face could go in the bathroom

Let them play in the mud! Little girl and her dog after playin in the mud.

Three boys in Jamaica, 1974 © Rose Murray

History In Pictures ‏ Georgia In Pics Feb 7 Three boys pose for the camera on the streets of Jamaica

لاَ تتَمآدى عَلى مَن تُحِب ! بِالتَجآهل والبُرود وَ عَدم الإحَسآس بِه لأنَهُ مِن الممكِنْ أنْ يَتعَآمل مَعك بِكرآمتهِ فَتخْسَر كُلْ شَئ .. ~ TA

Treating you the way I did is my biggest regret in life, and I am sorry. I definitely hurt myself. You were a really good friend to me and my life was better when you were apart of it.

Love this vintage shot.  Definitely #isadoraduncan inspired.  #spring #dance #springisintheair #justmove #jump #fly #naturalbeauty #Padgram

vintage photo of dancers by Vladimir Tolman 1930 / women's athletic body / jump / strenght / balance / dance


Little kid holding a statue's hand. Statue groping a woman. Man poses like a statue. Drinking with a statue.


I bask in your warmth and I dance in your heat. Your music runs down my spine to the soul of my feet. I'm light as a feather when you sing your song. You Pierce my heart, I got an ache and a long.

Jong van geest

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo

Never too early...

Tips to Host a Junior Dance Clinic as a Dance Fundraising Event

Kids dancing in Lagos, Nigeria...They enjoy every step of it..The beauty of children..

I wish I could go back to Africa and see the children dance again. Just the site of the children dancing warms your heart :)