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Andre De Freitas zombified artwork. Awwwwwwe.some.

Zombified Famous Faces Prints / Living artist Andre de Freitas has created a new series of art prints featuring the zombified faces of an eclectic group of cartoon celebrities - UnDead Donald Duck, Batman, IronMan, Popeye, etc.

zombie tazmanian devil                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Yes Zombie Lovers, the hits just keep on coming! Today’s Zombie Tasmanian Devil, or Zombie Taz is just another in the non stop parade of brand new Zombie Art pieces


Artist Turns Lovable Cartoon Characters Into Terrifying Monsters

Lovable Cartoon Characters Turned Into Terrifying Monsters by Tattoo Artist Dennis Carlsson

“Zombie Portraits“, a series of portraits zombified by photographer / illustrator Andre De Freitas aka Megatherium

Zombie Portraits – Donald Duck, Batman, Iron Man, Luffy and others…