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A photographer captures the beautiful relationship between her grandmother and her cat.

The joy that animals can bring - Photographer captures the beautiful relationship between her grandmother and a cat. Cat is woman's best friend.


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KITTEH ADVICE: " Do nots let yer kittehs outside on Halloween. Especially us in de black group. And don'ts let outdoors any cats dat are not spayed or neutered.

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Meet Coby the cat and his irresistible blue eyes! Coby is a cute British shorthair who came to his human family when he was just a tiny fur-ball. He has a pair of amazing blue eyes that look as if they have eye liner around them.

"I regard cats as one of the great joys in the world.  I see them as a gift of the highest order." --Trisha McCagh

Cats love boxes, that's no secret. Many owners will tell you, their kitties love to climb inside cardboard boxes.