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World War Tea!! http://teapause.com/all-about-tea/best-tea-brands/

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Avoiding Speeding Tickets

How to avoid a speeding ticket

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Yup today...my accomplishments are getting out of bed, getting dressed, not killing myself to and back from work, and cleaning a bit. Everything else seems highly unlikely of me accomplishing today.   I want something to make this life less hard to deal with

depressioncomix: “ 196 ” These feelings were so strong during my tenure at university I still have dreams long after, of time slipping away so quickly while I am immobilized by terror and panic.

Ruger Blackhawk 10mm/.40 S&W | Think Tank | By Tank Hoover | A Terrific Two-Fer! | Pure Genius… | Lipsey’s pulled another fast one on us with their latest exclusive! Which one, right? They’ve been on a roll lately! Managing to miraculously market a gun capable of putting smiles on the likes of Sonny Crocket and John Wayne’s firm-jawed faces, they released a 10mm/.40 S&W dual cylindered Blackhawk! Both power and efficiency are well represented in these cartridges. | American Handgunner

By Tank Hoover A Terrific Two-Fer! This is the first time the has been chambered in a stainless steel Ruger Blackhawk.

This Could Help Your Day: A Puppy in a Bowl. If you like this, you should hear his band Bowling for Cute. Ehhhhhh?. dog,cute,puppy,happy,Ani...

This Could Help Your Day: A Puppy in a Bowl

seriously, that's NOT the purpose.

Bank Shelves Purpose Found

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A Guide to Looking Great in Glasses

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(Open RP. I'm the girl) They put my hand in the scanner. The scanner chose what your fate was. I pull my hand out when it's finished. It said slave. "No. This can't be right!" I say nervously as the guard grab any shoulder. "It is what it is." He says and lead me to another room. "You will stay here until you are sold" he says and the door closes. Months later the door opens. A boy about my age stands there. "Hello" he says. It was obvious he had bought me.

Top 10 Barcode Tattoo Designs

Barcode tattoos are another popular tattoos that symbolize a person's individuality. Here are top 10 barcode tattoo designs picked up for you to boost your interest.

Rainbow-bright living room found on 'House to Home.'  If this suits you taste, discover ways to work with both bright and muted colour in your living room - check out the site's living room channel for inspiration.

Rainbow-bright living room

Modern interior design ideas bring use fresh and bright elements in rainbow colors to bring more energy and fun into homes, create playful rooms and refresh outdoor living spaces