Mandala a crochet. Tutorial en inglés.

Spring Daisy Mandala

¿Qué hay en mi gancho: Un mandala

What’s on my hook: A mandala

It's been forever since the last one of these posts. Lately I have only been making the projects for our crochet alongs and that's a different series. But this month I got around to a little extra .

Mi abuela los hacía igual, pero con más colores!!

Crocheted Flower Pillow ~:: Just Crafty Enough ::~ I’ve been batting around the idea of a throw pillow covered with the flower granny squares for awhil

winterbeachbymab crochet mandala

Hospitals are BORING! I've been killing time browsing through and I found this pretty one from Mariana💗I love the soft pinks and greens💗seeing other crafters make my designs never gets old :heartpulse


In the picture above, you can see a few of the mandala flowers I experimented with last year when I was working through some yarn bombing ideas for Yarndale. These pretty, circular articles of crochet ended up being pinned to the wall