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Very old cemeteries are so intriguing. This one looks beautiful.

Highgate Cemetery in North London - More a haunted wood then a graveyard, but a very eerie place.

Burial Hill Plymouth, MA The tombstones were so old it was amazing to read some of them. It is a hike up a hill but worth it. Also went to a halloween tour through here at dark.

Burial Hill Plymouth, MA I used to eat lunch here when I worked in Plymouth.

fens Cementery premade bg by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight.deviantart.com on @deviantART

owls-magicmoon-garden: “ fens Cementery premade bg by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight ”

abandoned places pics | Odd Beautiful Abandoned Places (10) | SoSickwithIt.comSoSickwithIt.com

The beauty of the most haunted and mysterious abandoned amusement parks on Earth

Abandoned Village in Russia

The abandoned village of Pegrema, Republic of Karelia, Russia. This beautiful example of the wooden architecture was abandoned after the Russian Revolution.

"Here lies George Johnsow Hanged by Mistake 1882 He was right We were wrong But we strug him up and now he is GONE"

"Here lies George Johnson hanged by mistake He was right we was wrong, but we strung him up and now he's gone" Boothill Graveyard,Tombstone, AZ Did the old cowboys have a sense of humor?

Bow Cemetery London.

Many setting for Gothic literature took place in a cemetery. This picture also shows emotion and could set the mood for the story. Bow Cemetery- London, opened in Within 50 years a quarter million people were buried here / photo by Duncan George.

Abandoned pet cemetery has eerie, murderous past | NOLA.com

Abandoned pet cemetery has eerie, murderous past

Abandoned pet cemetery has eerie, murderous murder investigation has opened a crack in an ageless odyssey of killings, betrayal and buried treasure