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Retazos de interior: Subvenciones y excedentes del plátano:reflexión

Retazos de interior: Subvenciones y excedentes del plátano:reflexión


The color can range from green to orange, even for fully ripened fruit, so instead aim for fruit with a strong, citrusy aroma.


Tamarillo recipes via Grow Harvest Cook -> egg-shaped edible fruit from Latin America. It is also known as the tree tomato, or tamamoro >> many grow them in their gardens, however generally need some shelter in winter. They make a wonderful chutney!

Salad Flowers: Sliced tomato face with cucumber-olive eyes, carrot nose, corn teeth & baby spinach petals atop a celery stalk stem.

Funny Face Salads: Animated salads are the best way to make your children eat vegetables. You can make an interesting funny face salad by using tomato slices for the face, carrot sticks for the mouth, corn kernels for teeth, and olives for eyes.

St George's Mushroom (looks so magical)

faerieforests: “ Calocybe gambosa (St George’s Mushroom) 9430 by Steve Garrington ”

White Blackberries

nemfrog: The white blackberry, a variety developed by Luther Burbank. How plants are trained to work for man.

"Cabelluda - Yellow Jaboticaba (Myrciara glomerata) is a bush tree fruit and has…

Yellow Jaboticaba (Plinia Glomerats Myrciara) is a bush tree fruit and has a distinctive sweet tangy flavour of pineapple