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Marvel: Fabergé on Vimeo by HMNS Marvel at exquisite objects produced by legendary jeweler Carl Fabergé, including personal gifts to the Tsar and Tsarina, an extravagant tiara, the magnificent “fire-screen” picture frame, and the famed Nobel Ice Egg, a stunning piece that is one of the few Imperial-styled eggs in private hands. From elegantly simple to breathtakingly ornate, the jewelry, clocks, picture frames, boxes and eggs in this collection, Fabergé: Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars.

Crowns for running errands around town. produced by legendary jeweler Carl Faberge.

Replica Grand Dutchess Vladimir's Crown Tiara Bridal

Grand Duchess Vladimir's Crown Tiara Bridal

Grand Duchess Vladimir's tiara was smuggled out of Russia during the Revolution, and ended up in the possession of the British Royal Family. The Grand /duchess was grgrandaughter to Queen Victoria. The tiara was worn by Queen Mary (see another photo)

The famous Faberge t beauty bling jewelry fashion

Faberge tiara with teardrop diamonds presented by Alexander I of Russia to Empress Josephine. In 1890 Faberge used them to create a tiara for descendants of Josephine's son, the Duke of Leuchtenberg. After WWI the tiara was inherited by Count of Flanders.

Marie Feodorovna's Wave necklace, probably, by Cartier. It is often said this necklace could be converted into a tiara but actually this necklace and tiara were definitely two separate jewels. In the famous photograph made by the Soviets for inventory pur

Diamond and Pearls in a necklace and a brooch: Maria Feodorovna diamond and pearl necklace with bow motif.

Black Diamond tiara of Queen Marie of Romania. This circlet-tiara was worn many times, but perhaps the most important event Queen Marie of Romania wore it to was in 1885, when she was 20, at the coronation ceremony of Russia's tsar, her cousin, Nicolas II in Moscow.

A kokoshnik-shaped gemset platinum-mounted blackened steel tiara, the metal band bordered with calibré-cut rubies, with a band of old-mine diamonds above and rose-cut diamonds below, set with thirteen pear-shaped diamonds within calibré-cut ruby-set frame

FABERGE Siberian Aquamarine  Diamond Brooch-a gift from Nicholas II to Alexandra which she was wearing right up until the time of her murder July 17, 1918.  It’s amazing they recovered it with little to no damage. It’s so beautiful.

Faberge Siberian aquamarine and diamond brooch was a gift from Tsar Nicholas II to princess Alix of Hesse. They were executed July and she was wearing the jewel right up until the time of her death. Record Breaking Jewelry Moments Worthy of Olympic Gold -

Royalty & their Jewelry - Tiara of Queen Marie Jose of Italy

This Fabergé tiara has been erroneously known as the Empress Josephine Tiara, but as it was made by Fabergé’s workmaster August Holmström i 1890 and the Empress died in it was certainly never hers! -I wish we had a photo of someone wearing this one!

Faberge Scheherazade Long Pendant. This piece is set in 18 carat gold and silver and features 323 white and pink diamonds and white pearls totalling 9.92 carats.

Faberge Scheherazade Long Pendant ~ set in 18 carat gold & silver ~ features 323 white & pink diamonds & white pearls totalling carats

Lady Granville's Beetle tiara and earrings

set with tiara, necklace, and earrings made in 1884 or 1885 for Lady Granville from beetles given to her husband (the foreign secretary at the time) by the ambassador of Portugal.

Nikolay II and Alexandra Feodorovna with their signatures, c 1897. The frame was produced by The House of Faberge in 1908 from enamel and silver. Kept in The Diamond Fund of Russia.

Fabergé Imperial Presentation Frame Nicholas II and Family.

Detail view of the tiara from the Queen of Sheba Parure. Large honey-colored diamonds, white brilliant-cut diamonds, smaller honey-colored diamonds, rose-cut and old-cut diamonds set in yellow and white gold. It was designed specially for Lady Colin Campbell. The parure consists of a tiara, necklace, long-drop earrings, ring, and bracelet.

Close up of tiara from Lady Colin Campbell's Queen of Sheba Parure - large honey-coloured diamonds, white brilliant-cut diamonds, smaller honey-coloured diamonds, rose-cut and old-cut diamonds set in yellow and white gold (some of which has been oxidized)

Empress Josephine Tiara

the empress josephine tiara was created by fabergé in 1890 - the stunning briolette diamonds were a gift from tsar alexander I given to josephine after she was divorced from napoleon. this piece is one of only a few tiaras ever made by fabergé.