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Hahahaha YES!!!...I don't love winter but this is one of the good things about it!!!

I love sweatshirt season. Am I wearing a bra? Am I wearing what I wore to bed under it? Maybe.

“What could be worse than a Monday?  Follow my Friday @1foxybitch because she's fabulous.  @1foxybitch  @1foxybitch  #MrsQueenBee”

And everyone knows that Mondays suck. "I'm not saying I hate you, what I'm saying is that you are literally the Monday of my life.


funny quote i love sweatshirt season am i wearing a bra who knows am i wearing what i wore in bed under it maybe

Kristine Chenoweth FB post 7/29/16 In the comments: Funny girl. The answer is to eat the salad and then after midnight and with no witnesses,  eat donuts. Leave no evidence.

I'm just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a donut. you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

Haha!! Sometimes it's just that you are actually touching the scanner/scale area with some part of your body without realizing it.

Humor - I'm just a girl standing in front of a self checkout, screaming that there's no unexpected item in the bagging area.


I always wonder what the story is behind a random shoe on the side of the road!

pintrest - fentybinder

This is so true. And I love that this is totally how most of my friends' stories start!

And then there’s this. | 19 Resolutions That Are SO Much Better Than Going On A Diet

19 Resolutions That Are SO Much Better Than Going On A Diet

39 Hilarious Quotes

39 Hilarious Quotes

Use words like "You pass Target on your left, then take a right at the CVS" LANDMARKS people!

My brain wastes the day and saves all the deep stuff for night. Thanks, brain, for thinking nonstop

Haha, maybe that's why I'm so good at getting work done late at night? Made me giggle! Not sure what the potato potato Ching Chong tomato is about but it made me giggle!