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BFFs "forever"

For my Best Friend, Marna. Friends since the first day of Kindergarten. You're the Sister I never had.

Tibetan skull carving

Tibetan engraved human skull

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Is it morbid I think these skeletons are the most romantic thing I've ever seen???

“ 6000 year old kiss. ” It was released in January I believe … Hasanlu is an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. These skeletons were found in a.


{especially since I'm in San Antonio and seeing a lot of Dia de los Muertos art}

Love positions

Skeletal sex ~long stretch to call these "nudes" but I just had to share them.

Art You'll Think About...

Vogue is a fashion magazine and mostly everyone on the cover is someone very famous, likable, and beautiful. This is representing how skinny is supposed to be "in". Its ironic because the skinny girl is dead because she is so skinny

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Make the skeletons in the background a Lino - Artist: Yoshitaka Amano