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41 Me gusta, 3 comentarios - Eugenia Rodrigues (@genarodrigues) en Instagram: "Cyanolyca turcosa #all_mighty_birds #birds #birdsofinstagram #audubonsociety #your_best_birds…"

41 Me gusta, 3 comentarios - Eugenia Rodrigues (@genarodrigues) en Instagram: "Cyanolyca turcosa #all_mighty_birds #birds #birdsofinstagram #audubonsociety #your_best_birds…"

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Tiê Sangue (Ramphocelus bresilius) / Brazilian Tanager by JorgeCNetto* What a gorgeous bird.

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Whistling Heron - Syrigma sibilatrix The Whistling Heron, Syrigma sibilatrix (Pelecaniformes - Ardeidae), is endemic to South America, where it occupies two disjunct regions. A northern population,.

WHOOPING MOTMOT - Momotus subrufescens -<br /> Jorupe, 8 Jan 2013,

Brinkhuizen: Photo galleries of Birds, Flora, Fauna, Landscapes and Scenery of Ecuador, Peru and more!


"A beautiful bird with so many interesting markings and color." This is a Crimson Rosella, probably in plumage between juvenile and adult.

Momotus momota - Torogoz

Blue-crowned Motmot” by Doug Brown - We saw this beautiful bird on our trip to Costa Rica

Lilacs and Bird

Two of my favorite garden things - bluebirds and butterfly bushes. I'm jealous of whoever captured a pic of a bluebird sitting ON a butterfly bush!

Collared Inca (Coeligena Torquata)

Colibrí inca / The Collared Inca (Coeligena torquata) is a species of hummingbird found in humid Andean forests from western Venezuela, through Colombia and Ecuador, to Peru and Bolivia. By anderson muñoz**

How incredible!    fairy-wren: Red-tailed Comet (Sappho sparganura) male, Andean South America  (photo by glenn bartley)

”Red-tailed Comet (Sappho sparganura)” by Glenn Bartley. Red-tailed Comet is a medium sized hummingbird found in the central Andes, Bolivia and Argentina.

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Beautiful Picture Of Sunbird. Sunbird is such a beauty. Lives in tropical or subtropical forest in Asian nations.


Blue bird sitting on a sunflower. in honor of my beautiful daughter Amanda who loves sunflowers, and is more beautiful than a blue bird , even this one

Red-backed Mannikin Birds (Spermestes bicolor) Rooirugfret | Bothas Hill, South…

Red-backed Mannikin Birds (Spermestes bicolor) The red-backed mannikin, also known as the brown-backed mannikin or brown-backed munia, is a common species of estrildid finch found in Africa.

Stunning Amazonian birds are what Suriname is all about!

Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna) at Jurong Bird Park: This Macaw breeds in forest (especially varzea, but also in open sections of Terra Firme) and woodland of tropical South America from Trinidad and Venezuela

Crimson-bellied Conure - Pyrrhura perlata, from Brazil www.Facebook.com/aBirdsEyeViewForYou

Crimson-bellied Parakeet (Pyrrhura perlata), more commonly known as the Crimson-bellied Conure in aviculture, is a species of parrot in the Psittacidae family.