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a dama e o vagabundo!

Parent Trap - unable to secure a babysitter? Kiddies allow little time to make romantic magic. Put the kiddies to bed. Make a plate of spaghetti, serve with a bottle of Chianti and watch Lady & the Tramp. Lady & the Tramp.

kiss, lady and the tramp spaghetti style.

Sensual Marriage - Couple taste testing - Meals can be very sensual when they are cooked with love, plated with finesse, and eaten by candlelight

Yet another favorite animated Disney movie

Aladdin, a street urchin, accidentally meets Princess Jasmine, who is in the city undercover.

i think i watched this movie over 30 times in one summer  when I was a teenager :)

"A watch doesn't really go with this outfit, daddy." - Cher Classic quote from an iconic film. Little known fact- Clueless was based on the Jane Austen book "Emma" Early appearance by Paul Rudd as well!