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Warm autumn colors of the palette will be relevant in both autumn and early spring. This combination of shades of brown, yellow, and black will keep you wa

Цветовая палитра №1966

Cold beauty of this palette fascinates. The harmonious combination of colors sets for a romantic mood. This combination of colors can easily be selected for the spring dress of a young girl and for th (Beauty People Girls)

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Kitchen The slate green color for the exterior walls, and the bottom dark blue for the shutters. I actually even like the neutral color for the great room. This swatch keeps on giving!

I don't have a green thumb, but currently obsessed with hens and chicks. So many in our neighborhood too! by randalla.stone.blanscet

Looking to add some new plants to your garden? You should grow succulents, such as the hens and chick plant pictured above. They are easy to grow and drought tolerant!

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