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So beautiful!!!!

Tânia Leal Galeria / I just love this color chemistry

Cosmos in rust 1  fine art digital by cherryblossomtattoo on Etsy, £10.00

Carrie /Cherryblossom (from Belfast Nord Ireland) Photographer - Cosmos in rust 1

Blue brown

Rust Abstract by Helen Fowler on Flicker

Carl Larsson - Solitude Catalog

A Lady Reading a Newspaper Carl Larsson (Swedish, Watercolor on paper. Larsson’s turning point came in 1882 when he moved to Grez, a Scandinavian artists’ colony outside Paris.



I don't have a category for this, so I'll just put it here for now.  Beautiful texture in the colorful rust.

StephenReed Abstract Best on Black


Evidence of Time

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Awesome texture with pitting! Rust and corrosion can be a beautiful thing as long as it isn't unchecked or caused by something like clear-cutting but then that cause erosion which is quite a different matter.

Modern Art Print Archival Print of Original Painting

Modern Art Print-- Archival Print of Original Painting-- "Wisteria in Soft Blue"

Modern Art Print Archival Print of Original Painting

Nosotros Somos Quien Somos: Me gusta enredar - Poesía de España.-

Me gusta enredar

Cate Parr watercolour illustrations and paintings. Fashion, watercolour illustration by Cate Parr


mahabis everyday adventures // peeling paintwork form- The Urban Scrapbook inc. I love old peeling paint and rust. I cant get enough of these kinds of photos.

Rust | さび | Rouille | ржавчина | Ruggine | Herrumbre | Chip | Decay | Metal | Corrosion | Tarnish | Texture | Colors | Contrast | Patina | Decay | Rusty Chain by Ann Kate Davidson

Rusty Chain by Ann Kate Davidson

isis0isis: “ (via “Mother Nature is Pissed” by Wendy Brusca | Redbubble) ”

gorgeous color palette and texture in metal: (via "Mother Nature is Pissed" by Wendy Brusca

Oxidation in Turquoise | by janet little

Texture - rust, metal by Janet Little Jeffers