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Original pinner said: "My 14 year old cat was not happy when I brought home a one-eyed kitten from the shelter. After refusing to be friends with him for over a year, I came home to this the other day.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

This cat living its goddamn dream: | The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened

The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened

OH No It's Monday Again | Oh No! ! ! Not Again..... Its Monday!! - Cheezburger

Oh No! ! ! Not Again....... Its Monday!!

Turkish Angora Cats

Our cat is a white with one blue and one gold eye Turkish Angora. This photo is from the web - a Turkish Angora kitten and Mom



This is Walter, he runs things around these parts. I like you WALTER

kittens grow up to produce more kittens

Hello, Do You Think I'm Cute? - For more loveable pictures of cats and kittens, visit our

Likes | Tumblr

BREAKING: Area Cat Does Not Want to Share According to reports out of Palm Desert, CA, two cats are being forced to share one box.