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PhotoUTSA: Nmendoza-submits Lorna Simpson/artist #9

Lorna Simpson began exploring the ethnic division of multiculturalism during the Her most notable works combine words with photo.

Lorna Simpson, "She"

Aesthetica Magazine - Unbound: Contemporary Art After Frida Kahlo. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Lorna Simpson — Collections — Walker Art Center

Afro-textured Art’s Contemporary Art Week Re-examining photography as a conceptual medium, Lorna Simpson’s works explore the experience of African American women in contemporary society.

Lorna Simpson, Guarded Conditions

Integration: Lorna Simpson & Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo

ranaa: “ Lorna Simpson, Guarded Condition, 1989 18 color Polaroids, plastic letters, 21 engraved plastic plaques 231 x 333 cm.




Lorna Simpson – 2010 ICP Infinity Award Winner

Lorna Simpson, Untitled (melancholy dame/carmen jones), 2001 ICP is delighted to announce the winners of the 2010 Infinity Award, including Lorna Simpson (Art). See the complete list here.

Elle-photography inspiration Lorna Simpson, Stereo Styles (1988

Veille de fermeture

Lorna Simpson Stereo Styles [Styles stéréo] 1988 10 dye-diffusion black-and-white Polaroid prints, 10 engraved plastic plaques 57 ¾ x 125 ¼ x 1 in x x cm) overall Collection of Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy © Lorna Simpson

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Moodboard | Quickly build beautiful moodboards and easily share the results

Lorna Simpson, 15 Mouths. This photo is successful because it creates a sense of identity without showing much of or about the person. It's showing how we all are equal and posses the same physical attributes, but are very different from each other. This may be one of my ideas for the constructive narrative project.

Lorna Simpson - 15 Mouths American, 15 Mouths, 2002 Born in Brooklyn, New York, in Lorna Simpson began her career as a docu.


Série ID 1 par Bruno Metra et Laurence Jeanson