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Yogurt Entero de Frutilla - #Activia #Chile

Yogurt Entero de Frutilla - #Activia #Chile

Arizona Green Tea - Diet Blueberry 128.00 fl oz Harris Teeter

Thanks for doing my hair (and Mom's! [Wegman's for me] Arizona Green Tea - Diet Blueberry fl oz Foodtown Supermarkets

Multi-Grain Soft Taco Tortillas

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The Vanilla is my favourite

Activia benefits from over 30 years of research and expertise - and 1 billion live bacteria (Bifidus Regularis) for each probiotic yogurt pot.

Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter.  GP: use smooth PB. This is so simple, but a good reminder that we can easily "jazz up" our diet. I am eating this on Graham crackers (not everyone can tolerate tho) right now! Also can serve with vanilla wafers, chocolate cookies, toast, etc.

Silky Sweet Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter

Refreshingly fruity taste

I'm totally addicted to this stuff, but it has to be the "Harvest Picks" style cherry, only the cherry!

Best Sports Drinks for Long Runs

Best Sports Drinks for Long Runs


Dairy Death Match: Butter vs. Cream

butter has saturated fats so don't put to much in your food.

No more choosing from plain or vanilla. You need this roadmap to navigate the dizzying array in the dairy case, from ultra thick cream to yogurt you can drink.

Navigating the Yogurt Aisle

#Activia Delicioso #Belgio

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Ananas #Activia #Francia

Ananas #Activia #Francia

Cerise #Activia #Francia

Cerise #Activia #Francia