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Cute idea for birthday morning... lots of little sayings and quotes hanging from line

20 Things You Shouldn't Tolerate By Jason Wachob: Have you ever felt that you've been settling for less -- that you deserve better? You'll want to check out this list of 20 things you shouldn't tolerate from Marc and Angel Hack Life

Love people, use things. Not the other way around.

People were created to be Loved. Things were created to be Used. The reason the world is in Chaos, is because things are being loved and people are being used. Sad and SO true.

i dont usually do the cheesy quotes, but i'm going to use this one as a reminder to remain compassionate as my son gets older (and into more trouble).

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Yes yes yes!

This is how I've always tried to live my life. It's good advice.

Be unafraid to be... a rebel... a freak... different... unique... Yourself!

Biggest Pleasure is the feeling that comes from doing the very things others thought were not possible. And often times, those thoughts generated a lot of doubt and consternation to you.