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Christmas tree cross stitch

Abstract Christmas tree cross stitch - DeVane i would like a kitchen towel or something with this on it. :) If you start now, you should be done by next Christmas.

Hearts with embroidered flowers

Christmas Love Hearts Crochet Pattern - Got to love the hearts! Make them for your tree, to decorate packages or to hang in other places. Color choices are up to you – we just love the Red Hearts!

A Colonial Knot is a little different that a French Knot.  It doesnt make that little doughnut.  It makes a good tied knot but wrapping the needle in a figure eight.

My Sweet Prairie: - Saturday Stitches - Colonial knot is a little different than a French Knot. It doesn't make that little doughnut. It makes a good tied knot by wrapping the needle in a figure eight.

Country heart pillow

This looks like an easy Valentine's Day craft, especially if you can find a burlap pillow. Just add ribbon!