Flower Crochet pattern:
{white} Begin with a sl knot of approx 3″ – 4″ tail.
r1 – ch2, sc6 on 2nd st from hook, slst to the first ch to make a ring.
{orange pink} Insert the hook at the last st of r1, yarn over to make a loop as the beginning st of r2.
r2 – *slst on next st, ch3, dc, ch3, slst, repeat * 6 times to make 6 petals. fo & leave approx. 3″ – 4″ tail

Butterfly Flower Leaf - Crochet Pattern

Probably the easiest crocheted flower to make and my absolute favorite one. The smaller you make them? The cuter they are. I have a jar full of them just in case I need to embellish a project.

...the crochet pattern for the flower squares is finally written out for you to try out...To those of you who have been waiting for it -- thanks for your patience! So, here goes: With the color of yarn you wish...

This free crochet afghan square pattern is so pretty, it'll make you say "Eureka!" The Eureka Flower Square is the perfect pattern for spring. We love the bright colors used in this tutorial, but feel free to choose your own colors for customization.

Crochet Flower Fridgies by :Salihan, via Flickr

Crochet Flower Fridgies at Salihan Crafts "These cute crochet flowers are from my Missy Strawberry pa.

Crocheted flowers

How to make colourful crocheted flowers

Free crochet flower pattern, thanks so xox

Stitchfinder : Crochet Flower: Narcissus : Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about Knitting and Crochet : Lion Brand Yarn

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set of 4 crochet flowers.

Crochet Pansy is a beginner crochet pattern, quick and easy. I included a lot of pictures of every step to make it even easier.

Crochet flower patterns - easy and fast. My favorite and ever growing collection

Design Adventures: Daisy Square Blanket

I made my husband a blanket. Mainly because I have an attention problem and tend to jump between 2 or 3 projects at .