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Baz would be terrified of flying I'll bet - SnowBaz

Baz: A-are we there yet? Simon: For the twentieth time, no Baz. Baz: Bu-but. We've been in the sky forever! Baz: What? Simon: Don't tell me you are afraid of heights. Baz: OF COURSE NOT.

 (˘ᵋ ˘ )  - my kingdom for simon being incredibly smug and...

mintycanoodles: “ my kingdom for simon being incredibly smug and extremely embarrassing for of their relationship ”

Baz and Penny are so alike ♣️

fuxkbaz: “ ahikuboruchi: “ Awkwardly dancing Simon Snow~ (Alternate title: I suck at animating stuff :D I actually didn’t want to upload this, but I made this a while ago and well…here you go… ^^) BTW THE WRISTBAND IS MAGICKED!

carry on by rainbow rowell | simon snow x baz grimm-pitch | snowbaz

Simon and Baz from Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On, which I was able to give her the original (the second picture) on Friday in Sydney! She was so lovely, alongside David Levithan, it was awesome :D