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FAIRY TAIL!!! Virgo is so fucking weird, i luv her

Browse FAIRY TAIL Virgo gif collected by Edgar Lucas and make your own Anime album.

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Why Anime WHYYY can't you make it look like da Manga 😭 but it's okay I live it anyways ( Gajeel is still my favorite doe )

lol, that's exactly what I was thinking before I even read that!

De-Motivational Poster about "Real Men" by Fairy Tail

Poor Gray, I like Juvia in the last panel

Poor Gray, I like Juvia in the last panel

Hahaha! Poor guy. I remember when Gajeel was like that. Maybe one day you'll get a cat. XD

Fairy Tail - the dragon slayers and their cats: Sting and Lector, Rogue and Frosch, Natsu and Happy, Wendy and Carla, Gajeel and Pantherlily