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13 reasons to adopt a black cat. Besides, they are the best lovers and crave affection.

13 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat - I honestly don't like cats.unless they're the ones that "act like dogs".nonetheless, if I were to adopt one, one day, for whatever reason, it'd be a black one!


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I have a picture of you (Morgan) just like this at the bottom of a round bin!

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No more Tuesday afterwork happy hours. it takes days not hours to recover from that.


Black cat in the snow. PP:This was not part of the agreement!

"Smoke" colored cats explained and illustrated -- silver or white roots to the darker hair, showing much more silver when their thick winter coat comes in.

And that's only the start.

And that's only the start.

Funny pictures about Starter pack. Oh, and cool pics about Starter pack. Also, Starter pack.

Because of the obviously loving and friendly nature, many American Bobtails have served as treatment cats to bring happiness to people in need. The American Bobtail is sensitive to individuals wants, and coupled with their distinctive look. They disperse much pleasure to those in need of a few smiles.

7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

Well, its another Monday, and you know what that means for Maru. It's just another day of jumping in and out of boxes. Curse you Maru and your kitty cuteness!