Cover of Ty I Ja (You and I) Roman Cieslewicz 1963

Yes that's a man in a banker's suit riding a rainbow-coloured ostrich over a portrait of Evelyn Nesbitt(?) on the cover of Polish magazine "Ty i Ja" by my latest love, genius Roman Cieslewicz - November



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FB Roman Cieslewicz (1930-1996)

Cieslewicz was the art director for the Polish cultural magazine Ty i Ja (You and I).

Roman Cieslewicz

Above & Below images from the collection of Agnes B above collaboration with Helmut Newton Roman Cieślewicz was a Polish graphic artist and photographer.

by Roman Cieslewicz (1930-1996), J. M. K. Wscieklica, Polish Theater Poster.

By the end of the Socialist realism had been dumped in Polish art. The Graphic Arts Department at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts divided its areas of instruction into fine arts, visual communications, applied arts, and poster art.