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Here’s some more I came up with 😏😅 Jungkook will u put, put yo ass on me. DNA Go on and catch me some milk. DNA No mom u don’t know cheeky chun day ~ Boy In Luv

Funny kpop memes It is even more funnier since I always make that kind of face while listening/watching something korean related or not.

Wow, you just summed up my entire life story ^o^ Pretty accurate

LOL! Of course we are.. Were totally gonna cut you cuz that's totally what we do :P jk but kpop fan is definitely a good title :D

Of course we are. Were totally gonna cut you cuz that's totally what we do lol not really xD :P jk but kpop fan is definitely a good title :D there r some crazy fandoms out there and some r very protective over their bias' s

#kpop #ilovekpop  LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! it will forever remain my phone wallpaper

Whenever I have free time, I always watch Korean movies and listening to Korean songs. I love K-pop

Different Kpop lightsticks

1theK(원더케이) on

Fan lights are very important in K-Pop fandoms. They're like your IDs. I like this because it shows how much thoughts into creating each one of these. (I have the Ahgabong and the Matoki btw!

Laughed a little too hard at this

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Baekhyun I wanna marry you.

I can do this, but when I actually sing the Korean parts, it's sounds like I'm speaking in gibberish. Lol

Kpop fans can relate quote about being able to lip sync to Kpop without actually understanding it- very relatable!

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“when your fav is having a comeback but youre the only one who likes kpop in your friends”

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