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Rosja: para mieszka z niedźwiedziem - Wiadomości

A Russian couple took in this bear as a cub and now he's just another house pet.

A kid sharing his umbrella with a deer (in Japan) We need more people in the world like this!

A kid sharing his umbrella with a deer (in Japan)

Previous pinner wrote: "At Nara, Japan this morning in the rain – saw this kid sharing his umbrella with a deer…melted my heart.” Deer roam free in Japan and are protected creatures.

#9 A primeira e a última foto do meu melhor amigo.

12 Primeiras E Últimas Fotos Desoladoras De Animais De Estimação Que Vão Fazer Você Querer Abraçar Seu Animal De Estimação E Nunca Mais Soltar

#9 A primeira e a última foto do meu melhor amigo.

Dachshund Puppy

Happy Sausage Doggy Poses With Her six Little Sausages For Maternity Photoshoot

Weighing in at over 245 pounds and standing 43 inches tall, MEET GEORGE, the Guinness World Record Holder for Tallest Living Dog & Tallest Dog Ever. Here are some quick stats: 5 years old, born...

George, Guinness World record holder, tallest living dog/tallest dog ever. Great Dane weighs over 245 lbs/stands 43 inches tall.

Amazing dog gets a new chance with four prosthetic legs! #amazing #dog #prostheticleg

8 Injured Dogs Who Brilliantly Overcame the Odds

Nakio, a mixed-breed dog, has 4 artificial legs after losing all paws and part of his tail from frostbite after being abandoned as a puppy in a cold cellar. What spirit & heart this dog has, after all he went through. Just love this animal.

Dog at the vet

A big dog being comforted during a checkup at the vet. 41 Pictures You Need To See Before The Universe Ends

Well, that works too

Sick of opening your dishwasher and thinking the dog could have licked those dishes cleaner? It's not your dishwasher, it's the detergent! This site tells you what to add to your dish detergent to make it work properly again!

That dog is just too big. He could eat that woman.

Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog -- hard to believe.Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog -- hard to believe.